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The Art of Magic

Designing the magic for over 250,000 members worldwide

theory11 is the largest producer of luxury, designer playing cards who advances the art of magic with custom mind-bending magic tricks and cardistry.

Photography & Video: theory11

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UX / UI Design
Custom Themes
Content Direction

2012 - Present
Over a Decade of Design

We’ve worked closely with theory11 for more than a decade. In that time, we’ve designed a fully customized web experience that has resulted in the launch of over twenty-five featured product deployments to date.

Designing to Advance the Art of Magic

From the physical to the invisible, theory11 products are achieved by some of the best minds in the magic industry. From this passion, we challenge ourselves to supply a web experience that matches the ferocious quality of the products they create. Nothing less will do.

years as a client
featured products designed
Yearly Hours Logged
Product Pages Designed for Atmosphere

From rollouts for Star Wars to The Beatles, Harry Potter to Marvel Avengers, and many more in between, we have created custom thematic pages for each featured release in theory11’s catalog to give each new product a feeling and atmosphere of each their own.

“We’ve leaned on Forefathers support in projects large and small, and always - without exception - they deliver."

Jonathan Bayme
Sleight of Hand Checkout

theory11’s extensive shopping experience needed a checkout process that was both fast and discreet. With a hidden flyout cart, we can design a shopping experience that feels weightless and only appears when you need it.

Getting Social

Pushing forward the UX of theory11, we have extended each new product's atmosphere further into the newsletter and social campaigns to round out any new release they have coming up with ease.

"There are designers, and there are visionaries. Forefathers are decidedly the latter, with an ability to see potential and execute to the absolute extreme.”

Jonathan Bayme
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