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Chapter Eleven
Exposure; a new, nightmarish form of payment that seems to be getting offered to designers more and more. But is it really happening? How can we stop it? Let's find out!
Chapter Ten
This one's all about making money freelancing. While we can't guarantee your financial freedom we can lay out what can help you make more and fast.
Chapter Nine
Using a client questionnaire is an absolute must for designers. Here we break down the importance of building your perfect questionnaire to get new clients. Or, if you're feeling lazy we'll just give you ours.
Chapter Eight
In 2017 we almost went belly-up. It was also our most profitable year as an agency. Here's how we saved it all by ditching the social circus and obsessively carving out our new voice under an old roof — Our URL.
Chapter Seven
Brands have been using vague inspirational quotes and buzzwords to leverage their social currency in place of their own voices. Welcome the ugly new era of Fauxtivation.
Chapter Six
Over the past two years I’ve noticed myself growing fatigued trying to keep up with the new tools bombarding our industry at a relentless pace.
Chapter Five
Some say revisions are a necessary evil to the design industry. Let’s put on our progressive-thinking hats and head to the core of our intentions with our Ideas Over Revisions Strategy.
Chapter Four
Fighting against growth because it doesn’t come natural at first is in fact poisonous. It’s dangerous and an instant defeatist frame of mind that can hang on forever if you let it.
Chapter Three
Our industry will never stop getting 'simple and cheap' requests for our work but we can stop taking them seriously and educate why it’s not an option for any potential client who asks.
Chapter Two
Time vampires are anything or anyone feasting on your career and draining precious life minutes and your energy like a vampire to blood.