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Making Magic Over 250,000 members around the world

theory11 is the largest producer of luxury, designer playing cards who advances the art of magic with custom mind-bending magic tricks and cardistry.

A Truly Custom Tailored Online Shop

We put an incredibly large emphasis on the display of each product page ensuring each new product release from theory11 had it’s own branded look and feel while living in the websites’ universal branded system.

Attention to Detail

It was of the utmost importance that theory11’s new site design matched the hyper-specific details and luminous quality that they produce for each of their products

Ready To Move

theory11’s extensive shopping experience had to be designed and developed to provide a painless buying experience no matter where they are or what device they are using.

Unique Account Pages

We wanted theory11’s Members to be able to login with ease and experience their own personal accounts in a new way than they had previously. We took many of the branded elements throughout the site design to create a more organized and stylish experience for them.

"There are designers, and there are visionaries. Forefathers are decidedly the latter, with an ability to see potential and execute to the absolute extreme. We’ve leaned on their support in projects large and small, and always - without exception - they deliver."
Jonathan Bayme, CEO
Our Project Experience

theory11 have been with us since the beginning and they have always let us push the absolute limits of what we are capable of as designers. They not only encourage us creatively but also let us roam through our ideas, no matter how large. The theory11 website is the living proof of what is possible.

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