Responsive Branding & Web Design

Fast as hell Design injected with Gasoline.

Any Designer will tell you there is nothing more difficult than having to design something for yourself. We've all had to endure the burden of 'creating for self' and our good friends at SUPERBOSS were no exception. So they sought us for council.

Superboss Global Brand

After months of working on their new brand and never being satisfied they threw their hands in the air and said to hell with it let's hit up our dudes over at Forefathers. So they did. And they gave us only 2 specific instructions:

01. Make it Original.

02. Then Inject it with Gasoline.

Screaming Banshee Monkey

We knew with a name like Superboss it needed an insane mascot to match. The first suggestion was a screaming banshee monkey and we instantly knew that wasn’t going to be topped so that’s what we made.

“As a fellow creative agency, we were having a horrible time designing for our internal future. I trusted Forefathers to take my initial vision for Superboss and bring it to life. So we gave them the ball and not only did they run with it, they ran the score up! We'll never hesitate hiring them again.”
Sean Baker - Superboss
Gasoline Powered Web

Alongside the brand we were also in charge of designing the new responsive website for Superboss

Our Project Experience

Having Superboss let us have full reign of their design direction was a dream come true. It’s rare that we are given a single instruction ‘to go crazy’ and we can’t say we didn’t deliver.

Project Features



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