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A Chicago Sign Company Serving Fresh Since 1980

Right Way Signs is a historic Chicago Sign Company known for sign painting, custom painted murals, hand painted signs, hand lettered signs, and custom sign solutions.

Evolving a Chicago Legend. But not too much.

When Ches Perry founded Right Way Signs in 1980 the internet didn’t exist. He had to do things the old fashioned way by advertising in newspapers and YellowPages with his honed skills to bring in work. You just can’t tamper with a history like that. So instead of fighting against it we designed the Right Way website to fit right into that golden age of advertising that Ches came from.

Every Detail Accounted For

To get the visual tone balanced a system had to be created. Not just for type and color but also for subtle textures, halftones, and offset print effects to give the site an authentic feel in our retina world. All large graphic pieces follow the same system to carry over a consistency throughout the project.

History Meets Mobility

As with any web project we tackle scalability is handled with the utmost importance. We ensured that the design would keep it’s fun, historic style and was represented fairly across all mobile platforms.

Company Booklet

Right Way regularly deals with big name accounts. Often getting these large accounts of to sit down in front of a screen to look over a portfolio can be a chore if even possible. To alleviate this we designed a 50 page brochure booklet featuring their best of the best to hand out during meetings. Easy peasy.

Strictly Business Cards

Name. Email. Phone. All in one color with the company url to hammer home the old-school mentality to round out the Right Way history.

“Forefathers delivered the creative punch our company was seeking for our new website. The first comment we hear when interacting with our clients is "we love your website!", which is reassurance every time we picked the right company to design and implement our new site.”
Right Way Signs of Chicago
Our Project Experience

With a little shame we were unaware of Right Way Signs when they came to us. But after learning about their inner workings and designing for over a year we’ve established an incredible relationship with the company and won’t be forgetting them anytime soon.

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