Plug Nickel

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Melbourne And Raised Specialty Coffee from Down Under

In Melbourne coffee is held to an impeccable standard and is considered a way of life. When Plug Nickel approached us to brand their new specialty coffee shop they let us know just how serious coffee is in Collingwood.

Buffalo Nickel

To establish name recognition for the neighborhood coffee shop we went with a traditional monogram seal. For a variant of the seal we included a Buffalo, an animal often applied to nickels and other various currency.

Early Explorations

The early variants of the mark were very hard clean lines . We were using the Buffalo illustration from the very beginning but after a longer internal review we knew these just didn’t portray the specialty experience that Plug Nickel would become known for.

Web Mockups

A location and menu based content strategy was applied for a cohesive responsive web experience.

Cold Brew Bottle Label

Bottle label design for Plug Nickel’s Nitro Cold Brew that is completely quality controlled in house.

“Forefathers were thoroughly organized and communicated with great detail through out the entire job. I think the end product speaks for itself. As a result of their work we now have an entire brand, not just a logo.”
Peter Walsh - Owner
Our Project Experience

Even though we might not be traveling to Melbourne anytime soon just knowing that our design is working hard that far has been a very humbling experience for us.

Photo Credits:

Hayley Benoit, Plug Nickel

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