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Throwbacks Done Right Apparel Reviving History

People’s Garment Co. approached us to help brand their vision and historically accurate sports apparel company that reflects the forgotten stories, teams, and traditions of old Chicago.


Going in we knew we wanted the new brand to capture the essence of the vintage team designs that PPLS is so well known for. Not only to serve for PPLS online but when printed we wanted to capture the essence that the brand had already been around for decades.

Garment Friendly

While People’s Garment is currently an authentic merchandise experience of historic Chicago teams we wanted the brand to also become applicable to it’s own line of products in the near future.

Early Explorations

Many teams of the era used flags and pennants mixed with a mascot or symbol to rally and show support. We knew right away that having a pennant for the main mark would communicate the PPLS brand message instantly.

Custom Illustrations and Type

To push the brand even further we created a system of illustrations and custom type pieces to place throughout their new web store.

Vintage Meets Modern Web

A challenge we had with the new site was creating something that felt vintage across all screens and platforms. We ended up fashioning the design after old sports advertisements and almanacs with ability to scale on any device and never lose it’s charm.

Our Project Experience

It may sound crazy, and trust it does to us as well, but while we were creating the new PPLS it was as if the project was creating itself through us. That thought started to creep us out a little so we didn’t think too much more about it. So simply, just saying we loved working on People’s Garment would be an understatement.

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