Miller Tavern & Beer Garden

Branding & Illustration

A Beer Garden Deep in the heart of Texas

Illustrations explorations for the legendary Miller brand for a their new tavern and beer garden in Arlington, Texas.

Giving Lucy Wings

As fellow connoisseurs of a good time we’ve had a history with Lucy dating back decades now between us. So when we started on the custom illustrations for Miller Tavern we wanted to showcase our trusted party companion Lucy blazoned on the most ‘Texas’ style imagery we could think of. A winged armadillo.


A hard-working pig delivering a pint? Check. Beer foam overflowing on the state line? Check. Tacos, peppers, and hot sauce? Check. We haven’t received any official paperwork back yet but this pattern has already been sealed and stamped for approval by the State of Texas.


Fun Fact: The Miller Tavern building was still under construction when we were deep into the project so we took the best digital renders we had available at the time and forged ahead to illustrate the front face of the building without knowing exactly what it looked like.

Our Project Experience

Working on these illustrations was as close to a dream project as you can get for us. We love the state of Texas, we love Miller beer, and we love designing. What more could we ask for?

Project Features

Texas Live!

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