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It Started with a Green Tie Branding a new Mayor for Tulsa

In 2016 we were approached by Mayoral Candidate G.T. Bynum for the city of Tulsa to create a brand campaign that was unique to his vision and future plans for the city. He also typically wore green ties.

A Different Kind of Campaign

It’s no secret that political design in Middle America is usually a humdrum affair. Red, White, and Blue EVERYTHING. You know the drill. If we wanted to grab the attention of voters young and old for GT’s campaign we were going to have to challenge the status quo.

Early Explorations

We instantly knew we wanted the campaign’s dominant palette to be green. After all, this was the man with the beautiful green ties. Additionally revitalization, city development and community were key issues of the campaign and what better color to represent them?

A New Mayor Is Born

Once we completed the identity system the campaign went full force throughout Tulsa. Signs could be seen everywhere, in front of homes and businesses, shining beautifully on Summer days. While other campaigns went with the standard red, white, and blue signs there stood the ‘GT Green’ cutting through it all.

Our Project Experience

Working on GT’s campaign was one of our most exciting projects to date. Watching the system we made get spread throughout Tulsa was incredibly humbling. Today GT sits proudly as Mayor of Tulsa and while we can’t say we won it for him we can say challenging the norm paid off immensely.

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