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Branding & Packaging

Portland Roaster One Ampersand to Rule Them All

We were approached by Portland, Oregon’s own Dapper & Wise to create a new brand, identity, and packaging labels that invites the palates of suburban-folk and city-dwellers alike, to be educated in high-class coffee.

An Ampersand to Rule Them All

Portland is to Roasters as what Dublin is to Pubs. Even with Dapper & Wise located in the Beaverton suburbs. With so many options surrounding we had to keep the brand for Dapper & Wise concise and extremely strong to forge it’s own identity and make a lasting imprint.

Early Explorations

With the ampersand we tried many variants of symbols and badges in combination but ultimately all felt a little too familiar and safe.

Custom Labels

Custom Labels were created for each D&W original roast. Each label was designed to compliment the ingredients within each flavor.

Putting Bags on the Map

With the first batch of original roasts D&W needed adaptable labels to go on each of their eco friendly bags that could be used in location but also for parcel delivery for online orders.

“We loved working with Forefathers to invent our brand image. Their cutting edge concepts have allowed the brand to stay fresh for years and it's still going strong. Their polished work has strongly contributed to the success of our business. Wholeheartedly recommended!”
Tyler Geel, Owner
Our Project Experience

Watching what Dapper & Wise has done with the branding that we created for them has been beautiful. When they came to us they had just a couple of original roasts and were building out their first location. They now have a wife array of roasts, merchandise, and a fully established brand that spans over multiple brick and mortar locations.

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