Blue Star

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Better By Design Blue Star Neutraceuticals

A fully immersive e-comm experience for one of the largest, leading men’s supplement companies in the world.

Nobody Does It Better

With thousands of supplement companies competing daily against each other the challenge of Blue Star was finding a visual tone that helped portray their products in the proper light that was completely unique to them.

Performance Ready Blue Star’s supplements are ready to be put to the test at all times so the site had to be too.

What sets Blue Star Nutraceuticals apart from other supplement companies is their relentless commitment to proof. Highlighting the performance benefits and educating the user on each product was imperative.

A New Level of Product Photography

With a vast selection of professional photography at Blue Star’s disposal, we were able to take their already incredible product renders and model shots and customize them further to highlight their product’s difference that much more.

Every Product Custom-Tailored

We put an incredibly large emphasis on the display of each product page ensuring each new product release from Blue Star had it’s own branded look and feel while living in the site's universal branded system.

Harder. Faster. Stronger.

The biggest strength of Blue Star is its speed and scalability. It was designed and developed with a heavy emphasis on painless purchasing throughout the site at any time on any device.


Every page for Blue Star was mapped out meticulously through an intensive wireframing process of upwards to 20+ custom pages. Each page was structured to encourage purchasing at every turn while teaching the user about the benefits of their products.

Launching Instant Success

After weeks of rigorous content input, testing, and fine-tuning Blue Star was officially launched to the public and saw an immediate abundance of ordering and visitor increase.

Our Project Experience

It’s not often that we meet a team of people in another industry that have the same drive and hyper-focus as we do operating our business but the Blue Star is definitely one of those teams. The outcome was the combined effort of people who are very passionate about what they create.

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