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A New Tulsa Standard A Fresh Ingredient American Eatery & Bar

Bird & Bottle is a new eatery located in Tulsa, Oklahoma aiming to redefine the standard of restaurants and bars in the city with their in-house wines, eclectic menu, and design.

Pheasantly Surprised

When Bird & Bottle came to us they had a specific vision in mind. Yea you guessed it. They wanted their universal logo to be a bird holding a wine bottle. But, they didn’t know what type of bird. We pitched many different types of birds but they all immediately felt typical and bland. Until we landed one magical winged animal everyone enthusiastically agreed on.The Pheasant.

Private Label Wine

Along with the restaurant’s responsive branding Bird & Bottle were also in need of three high quality custom wine labels for their in-house wine they would be releasing upong their launch. 10,000 bottles of in-house wine to be exact.

Pinot. Chardonnay. Rosé.

For the wines we created one universal label and changed the colors of each to match each bottled blend.

Wine Coins

To give the label a little extra love we illustrated custom wine coins to place towards the bottom of the labels. There was really no reason to do this other than they just look awesome printed.

Menus and collaterral

What is an upscale eatery without some high brow menus to go along with it? To further the responsive brand for Bird & Bottle we created a custom menu layout that could also be updated at a moment’s notice without sacrificing quality.

One Color Website A White-Gloved Experience

As a challenge to ourselves we wanted to see if we could create a website for the restaurant using only one color to fully round out the project. The universal blue on white proved rich enough to pull it off without feeling too sterile.

“When looking for someone to brand our restaurant, I knew right away I wanted to use someone who would push me outside of my basic box. Forefathers took the time to ask specific and thoughtful questions to pull out of me what I could not have let out myself and in return gave us a brand that I woefully believe lended to the start of our success. We were recognized immediately and loved before we ever opened our doors.”
Johnna Hayes / Bird & Bottle
Our Project Experience

Working with Bird & Bottle from day one has been an immense pleasure. Getting to see the restaurant come to life with them and experience the restaurant on multiple packed house nights has been extremely rewarding and we couldn’t be more grateful.

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