Beehive Lounge


Pure Nectar Revitalizing a Neighborhood Staple

The Beehive Lounge has a rich, beer soaked history in Tulsa as one of it’s oldest neighborhood Dive-Bars. The bar was in desperate need of a respectable facelift and that’s exactly what we gave it.

Respecting the Elders

In rebranding one of Tulsa’s most infamous watering holes it was important to be respectful of how the new logo and sign looked in relation to the historic Whittier Square district where the Beehive Lounge is located.

“Using Forefathers for our brand was the best investment I made all year. I would also like to say thank you to your team, cheers!”
Blake Ewing / Owner
Our Project Experience

Working on the rebrand of The Beehive Lounge was extremely humbling as it’s been such an important staple in the Tulsa community for decades. We knew that nothing needed to be overdone, after all it was a beer bar that sold nothing but High Life and Busch.

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Jonden Jackson

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