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Embrace A Legacy A New, Old World Style Brewery

13 Stripes came to us with a specific vision for their new brewery. They wanted build a community for beer lovers that believe in the American legacy and pursuit of overcoming the odds.

Going Back in Time

With a big focus on America’s pastimes we knew we were going to have to go back in time so to speak if we wanted authenticity. For the main brand we took a lot of inspiration from Sanborn maps of the late 1800s.

Custom Illustrated Cans

Along with creating the brand we were hired to illustrate 3 non-fictional story based cans relating to some of the biggest heroes and moments in U.S. History.

Early Explorations

Some of our earlier concepts explored a more hand-drawn style that while good on their own merits didn’t quite accentuate the the full scope of 13 Stripes.

Nathan Hale Pale Ale

Here’s to Captain Nathan Hale. A Teacher turned soldier, turned spy. At twenty-one years of age and eager to serve, he was the sole volunteer to infiltrate enemy held New York City. Upon his departure he was tricked into revealing himself, captured and sentenced to death. His resolve did not waver when his time drew short and the noose was tied around his neck. By all accounts his final words, “I only regret that I have but one life to give for my country” were inspiring and would live on in the spirit of the United States of America.

Peggy Stewart Porter

The Peggy Stewart was the focal point of what became known as the Annapolis Tea Party. British merchants attempted to smuggle tea aboard the ship after the colonies began boycotting tea and the Boston Tea Party. The captain of the ship came to an agreement with the local authorities that he would burn the ship in the harbor with the tea onboard if they would allow him to unload the rest of his cargo

Molly Pitcher American Wheat

Continuing on the series is the Molly Pitcher American Wheat. Here’s to Molly Ludwig, named Molly Pitcher by the soldiers she risked her life bringing water to. During the battle of Monmouth she manned her injured husband’s canon and held the position until the battle was won. She only paused to remark as a cannon ball passed between her feet, that she “was lucky it did not pass a little higher.” From then on Sgt. Molly was immortalized as an American legend.

“What Forefathers Group has created for our brand is nothing short of art. It goes above and beyond proving that they can take a random assortment of ideas, piece them together, and create something so visually stunning that you actually get tired of answering the question "who did your branding?”
Michael Robinson - 13 Stripes
Our Project Experience

Projects like this is what get us up in the morning. From the brand, to the custom cans, and down to the merch designs we couldn’t be more proud of the work we have done alongside the excellent team at 13 Stripes.

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