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Our Specialties

With triumph and grandeur, our death-defying team will tackle the hardest of jobs

We will jump through a ring of fire to ensure that you're thrilled

One of our developers can 'Levitate'. We tell him it's one of the requirements.

With scores of designers, developers and illustrators out there in the wild - doing plain vanilla work - don't you want to set yourself apart with ingenuity, innovation and originality? Well then, jump the shark and let the Forefather's creatives build you one of the grandest, most unique designs you have ever seen.


Design & Development

  • CSS3
  • HTML5
  • Web Design
  • Drupal
  • Responsive
  • Wordpress

You should see the monkeys we've got working behind the scenes here. Man, they're a clever bunch. They're slingin' CSS3 and HTML5 like highballs in the juice joint, juggling TextMate, Illustrator and Photoshop like slippery bananas and building Wordpress and Drupal CMS like these monkeys were regular ol' wobblies. It's bonkers!

So if you want a user-friendly website that's all aces, send us a line over the wire today! Don't fall victim to design firms all wet and behind the grind - let this gang show you how it's done right, and you'll be made in the shade.

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  • Branding
  • Logos
  • Icons
  • Typography

Alright, we're gonna level with you here, fellas and dolls. If you want to be the big boss sitting on the high horse, with all those bones and clams in your sidesaddle, we've gotta paint you pretty - immediately. Your band or business needs an image so powerful, so distinguishing and so awe-inspiring that it stops every Joe and Jane dead in their tracks.

You want your clients, customers and fans to be stuck on you for life, right? We can make this happen! Because when it comes to creating remarkably forceful brands, there's no hit-or-miss at Forefathers - we nail the bull's eye every time.

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  • Album Art
  • Cards
  • Print
  • Brochures
  • Merch

No matter how far we travel into the great expanse of the digital frontier, good old-fashioned print design will never become passé. Never! The medium is as valuable as ever, and we continue to be hog-wild about laying out graphic perfection on pulp and threads - it really tickles our fancy. And to be perfectly honest with you, we really know our peppers when it comes to creating hot-sketch humdingers.

From business cards to business collateral and album art to apparel, the Forefather gents will design anything you need - just take a look at all that lollapalooza in the workshop!

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  • Illustration
  • Sketches
  • Pen & Ink
  • Vector

We sure are hopped up on ink here at Forefathers - we're really stuck on the stuff! It's just so intoxicating to give rise to illustrious imagination with the stroke of a quill. By dipping into the inkwell, we'll emblazon your brand with elements of such savvy razzmatazz, it'll boggle the minds of every passerby.

So let us flabbergast your foes and astound your audience. Let us adorn your website, prints and apparel with bewitching vignettes that howl to the world that you're the Real McCoy, and you're blazing the trail into the new design frontier.

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