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If you don't know the band Whitechapel your are sorely missing out. The best paraphrase for their sound would be two bulldozers slamming into each other while you beer bong black coffee. Anything that sounds that intense has us restless to work with it. So we stepped up and looked this beast in the eye!

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Project Included:

  • Album Art
  • Print Materials
"We were more then happy to have a little helping hand in something this venomous."

When approached by Whitechapel for their new record they knew it was going to be a profound step for the band towards defining their growth, and with this being the case, they desired the art to reflect their time, effort, experiences and maturity.

The intent of the artwork as a whole was to drive home the branding, name and symbol of the band, and really explore the foundation of their career. Much like any doctrine, cult, or belief system, there is a "manuscript" or book of sorts to proclaim such guidelines. This record aimed to set those standards for their fan base.

Whitechapel delivered something incredibly ominous and versatile and will likely reshape some forms of heavy music to come. We were incredibly excited to be a part of this record, especially after having listened to it. Whitechapel have certainly come a long way, and only raised the bar for their genre and market.

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