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Trailer Park Truck

Trailer Park Truck

Bringin' Home Eats to the Streets

Ahhh, America. Where would we be without your endless devotion to grilling tasty foods, kick ass old Metallica videos, trailer parks, and green astroturf as an acceptable carpet substitute? Well that's easy. Trailer Park Truck. That's where.

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Project Included:

  • Branding
  • Illustrations
  • Truck Wrap
"Working with Forefathers was like working with a more creative extension of myself. They were able to take my vision and develop the branding for my company much better than I could of imagined!"

Don't' let the name fool you, Trailer Park Truck is anything but a grimy place to get your grub on. However if you are in the Los Angeles area, on the go, and want some great hamburgers, hot dogs, pink flamingos decorations, and some old Metallica videos to go with it all then look no further then Trailer Park Truck. Always being on the go they will be letting locals know their whereabouts via the usual social hubs, Twitter, Facebook, and their website of course.

All we know is it's a good thing that Trailer Park Trucks is based in Los Angeles. Because if they were on the go anywhere near us not only would lunch probably extend longer into the day but we could assure we would have to go straight to sleep after eating said lunch and completely put work to a grinding halt. Ahhh the American dream!

Design Elements

Trailer Park TruckTrailer Park TruckTrailer Park TruckTrailer Park Truck
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