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Everything's Fine, Album art

The Summer Set

Everything's Fine

The Summer Set are easily the nicest kids on the planet. Very easy to work with, stoked on their ideas and music - just all around great people. Working with clients as awesome as TSS is what drives what we do and we thank them extensively for the opportunity.

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Project Included:

  • Album Art
  • Print Materials
"There is no one else our bands puts artistic trust in as much as we do in Forefathers.  We continuously work with Forefathers on all our projects because of their great combination of creativity, versatility, and professionalism. "

The concept for The Summer Set's new album is centered about the frowning smiley face. They set up a great Twitter / Tumblr campaign to spark awareness of their new album which went over great with their already rabid fan base and new fans a like It was a GREAT piece of guerilla marketing and they wanted to carry it over to the album art. The photos were taken from their amazing concept video and really gives the feeling of young love and excitement.

The artwork goes hand in hand with the songs on this album and it's next to impossible to not smile when watching their videos or listening to their song. We had a great time working the TSS and can't wait to work on another record with them in the future!

Photography by Patrick Scola

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