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Shadows Fall

Shadows Fall

Fire From The Sky

We were stoked to be asked to work with Shadows Fall again on art for their new album 'Fire From The Sky'. Working with them on their Retribution album cycle was still one of our favorite projects and we knew this would be no different.

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Project Included:

  • Album Layout
  • Logo Design
"Forefathers constantly impress me with what they bring in terms of unique ideas, professionalism and timeliness under sometimes strict deadlines."

When presented with the band's concept for the record, we wanted to deliver an aesthetic that would go beyond the "typical" or "assumed." We wanted to embrace a perspective and emotive value that could be carried with the context of the record itself. While we knew this would be challenging and end up stylistic to one degree or another, we still wanted the viewer to get this overwhelming and brooding sense of chaos that could otherwise be imagined when putting themselves in that very scenic situation - Supposing this record was the soundtrack to their own apocalyptic movie.

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Design Elements

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