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Pomegranate Tiger

Pomegranate Tiger


When it comes to band names the band name Pomegranate Tiger may visually bring you to a bulbous, bright red tiger that proves to be rather rich in antioxidants... but let me assure you, they are a completely different breed of ferocious feline.

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Project Included:

  • Album Art
  • Merchandise
"We gave Forefathers complete control in order to get an honest artistic interpretation of our music. Our expectations were exceeded and we'll definitely be back for more! "

A creative group of musicians who called for a rather creative, abstract visual projection to represent their record. Their name more or less says it all. Expect a unique sound-scape to accompany the art we proudly arranged for this project.

For this project we wanted to create something a bit out of the box. We wanted to push our own walls and really explore color and shapes. In this case, digital painting seemed fitting, as well as the abstract and surreal approach to animal parts and spacial awareness. Often times birds have associations when named or related to other animals and colors, so the prospect behind this was to design a somewhat tribal or cult-ish geometric image that featured certain parts of a bird in the symbology as a whole.

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