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Message Through Motion

Message Through Motion

Message Through Motion

From the very beginning of the project Message Through Motion gave us complete control and artistic freedom to create the visual aestetic of the aural visions they have layed out on their new self-titled album. We looked to the skies for answers.

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Project Included:

  • Album Art
  • Layout
  • Print Materials
"We had a great experience working with The Forefathers Group. We received all drafts of our work on time if not earlier, and the final product is exactly what we wanted!"

When the band Message Through Motion approached us with the layout of their new self titled album the direction they gave us sounded fairly simple. "Make it bad ass."

The band pull no punches with their new release, keeping a very honest and hopeful lyrical subject matter that was great to use as a foundation for the layout. We aimed to balance a light on the horizon approach that went along with the albums subject matter mixed with ethereal undertones. If sonic landscapes belonged to the skies, this would be it.

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