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Madina Lake

Madina Lake

World War III

This album marks the final installment of their concept trilogy which continues the band's tales of a metaphorical universe. When asked to work on the art for this record and then presented with the band's lofty concept of the struggle between good and evil we couldn't have been more excited.

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Project Included:

  • Album Art
  • CD Layout
  • Print Materials
"We spent hours on the phone, discussing the inspiration and emotional core of what we were trying to accomplish, ultimately leading to a beautiful piece of art that we will forever cherish. - Matthew Leone"

We knew that going into the process of wrapping up the third part to this trilogy concept meant we had to fill big shoes. However, the band's creativity fueled this project perfectly and even though they gave us free reign to explore our own ideas based on their concept they gave us more then enough to work off of. Working on not only the album art but the covers to their 2 main singles off of the record made for some of our favorite album art pieces. From the very first conversation to the last, Madina Lake proved to be one of the most passionate group of individuals that we've had the pleasure of working with.

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Madina Lake

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Madina LakeMadina LakeMadina LakeMadina LakeMadina Lake
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