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Machines Album Art



There are a few things we know about Canada to be true facts. They have stunning surroundings and scenery, they have an abundance great hockey teams, and it seems sprinkled throughout the country they have great rock bands as proven by Machines.

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Project Included:

  • Custom Album Art
  • Print Materials
"We had an absolutely terrific time working with Forefathers. They are fast, efficient, and very friendly, always willing to do whatever it takes to make sure the product turns out the best it can possibly be. We look forward to working with them in the future!"

When we were approached by Machines for the design of their new EP we were given a theme that had a very unique vision and a lot of room to grow. Initially the band wanted to create an old renaissance / empirical feel for the foundation of the art and add in mechanical an even hints of steam punk elements in to the layout.

The result was something even we didn't expect , and out of a lineup of albums this one will grab the attention every time. We had a blast creating this mechanized, timeless empire and have a sneaking suspicion there is a band lurking within there that is on top of their game.

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