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A new band with an enthusiastic prerogative. We started with an album cover to present their record digitally, and the consumer demand called for a hard copy. So, we followed up with a suitable digipak that extended the visual context of the cover. What better way to accompany it with a few merchandise designs to match as well.

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Project Included:

  • Album Art
  • CD Layout
  • Print Materials
"It's safe to assume this band knows exactly what they want and what they're going for, and are extremely appreciative of those who get creatively involved in support of their vision and motivation."

The concept for this record was built on a concentrated mix of Erra's music and lyrical content. The tonal ambience and aggression, matched with intergalactic and mythological context clues, created this vision for a beautiful humanoid figure who harnesses an extraordinary skill set that clearly separates it from the human race. Like the band, her impression allows her to blend into the surrounding environment comfortably, while maintaining a curious and mysterious agenda.

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