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The Contortionist

The Contortionist


For as much as this band puts into the craftsmanship of their song writing, we wanted to match that with the artwork of their debut album all while capturing the concept and subject matter of this sci-fi opus. The album is still one of our favorites and has been on repeat ever since they first delivered it to us.

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Project Included:

  • Album Art
  • CD / LP Design
  • Print Materials
"The best clients are the ones that work with you to make the project better and more exciting. This was the case with the guys in The Contortionist. They provided great feedback on how to relate this artwork perfectly with their lyrical content. "

It's rare that we are asked to do anything with a Sci-Fi vibe but when The Contortionist stared working with Good Fight Music we were pleased that we'd be doing just that. From the band's description of the album we were hooked "This is a concept album detailing first contact between a planet's inhabitants and an advance alien race which leads to the plan and execution to abandon their home planet for refuge on another 'Exoplanet.'" How could you not want to work on something like this? Their music is as beautiful as it is chaotic, melodic as it is technical and we wanted to capture all of that within this layout.

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The Contortionist

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