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The Color Morale

The Color Morale

My Devil In Your Eyes

For developing bands, lack of vision or group-indecision can be a struggle for designers on the receiving end; however, such was not the case with The Color Morale. They knew what they were looking for from the start, and knew how to constructively convey their needs and goals without arrogance or impatience. Great guys with appreciation.

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Project Included:

  • CD Layout
  • Merchandise
  • Print Materials
"These guys really push themselves with an honest and modest mentality. Each step they take is to establish a level of maturity and growth in their image. We aimed to cater to this mindset and give them a product that showed some aging character and self-confident purpose. "

The Color Morale are one of those bands who you might overlook first go around, and potentially overlook like every other rain drop on that cloudy day given the nature of their competitive market. Nonetheless, with this sophomore release, they really upped the ante and not only brought new life to their image, but certainly a new ambition to their music. The concept was founded around a battle within one's self, foreseeing the evil and good not only inside a person's soul, but also in the environment around them. When we finally got to hear the record, it absolutely made sense. We are proud to say that we listen to this record regularly, and really see a profound future for these guys if they keep up the hard work. We were definitely excited to be a part of this record.

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