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Calleva Outdoor Adventures


Get Ready For Adventure!

Adventure is not in the guidebooks and beauty is not on the maps. Calleva’s mission is to get people of all ages outdoors, promoting personal growth, group cooperation & environmental stewardship through educational & challenging experiences on the river, trail & farm.

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Project Included:

  • Drupal
  • Responsive Development
  • Site Design
"From our first phone meeting I knew Forefathers understood the look and vision that we wanted with our website. They had the right energy that made the entire experience enjoyable. These guys get it!"

Ah the outdoors. Beautiful green scenery, wide open spaces, trees far and wide and legions of hyper active children. Respectfully of course.

Calleva Outdoor Adventures is an outdoor and educational adventure camp located in some of the most beautiful land that Maryland has to offer and their mission is simple. Get people of all ages outdoors, providing an educational and challenging environment that promotes personal growth, group cooperation and leadership skill through outdoor activities. Something everyone could use this day and age.

Calleva's unique blend of fun, learning and challenge helps people take risks, develop confidence, learn new skills and excel in a team environment. In short, Calleva is helping communities raise up a new generation of leaders who will protect the best of our history and be catalysts for excellence in the future. Something that we can all here can stand behind, after all the new generation is our future.

To ensure that we did our part for the new generation being ushered in we made the site available and responsive to all media outlets the youngsters are using these days. iPhone, iPad, Macbook Air. It doesn't matter, give it a shrink!

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